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For my Girl of Steel series, would you approve of me updating Supergirl's costume to have some aspects of the new TV costume? 

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Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-9[1] by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Alright it's official, Laura Vandervoot has been dethroned as my #1 live action Supergirl, congrats Melissa!

So I figured I can't keep my title as 'Supergirl Otaku' without commenting on the big Supergirl news of the day. We not only got some new pics of Supergirl, staring Melissa Benoist but a long actual trailer of what is probably going to be in the pilot.

I must admit I was both excited and terrified at the idea of my favorite comic gal coming to the DCTVU. Supergirl, on the somewhat small screen. How cool would that be? And unlike a film, they could really take the time to develop her character. Make people see Supergirl the way I see her. A strong, caring character, who is every bit as worthy (and some cases more worthy) as Superman for the title of 'Super'. However one could not help but remember how 'badly' (and that's putting it lightly) Supergirl has been treated by either DC or media in general.

Supergirl as a film is a mess. Laura Vandervoot did a pretty good job as Kara on 'Smallville', so much so she came off as more heroic and worthy of the S-shield than Clark did at the time. She later got her mind erased and disappeared with Clark apparently not giving a damn. Kara was not only killed in the Crisis of Infinite Earths but was then written out of the history of the DC Universe. Not to mention Hollywood's track record with heroines is less than spectacular (Catwoman, Electra, 'Pants to be Darkened' Wonder Woman).

So I really was worried, especially after hearing CBS got the show and now CW. I was like, 'oh no they're going to screw it up', totally screw it up. We saw Melissa in costume and I was at least, 'well they got the costume right', but still no video no real pics.

Then we got today. 

Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-10 by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Supergirl and I believe her human sister, an idea I really like

Overall...I liked it. 

First and foremost, Melissa IS Supergirl. Not just that she looks good in the costume but I generally loved her attitude and acting as Kara. Some people can play one character but not the other. Brandon Routh was actually pretty good as Clark Kent but his Superman was a lacking in the charm that Christoper Reeves had (who mastered both roles). Laura Vandervoot was great as an overall 'Kara' but never got to really show us what her secret ID was like. 

Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-3 by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
BTW this is what my Kara Kent looks like in the GOS Universe 

Melissa seems like she can handle that duel role. Her 'Kara Danvers' scenes were good and I liked how she interacted with people. The bits we saw with her as Supergirl, they were awesome too. My favorite might be when 'Supergirl' was walking into the bullet fire and she just gets excited as the bullets bounce off her, and she starts kicking some butt. Plus I loved how Melissa spoke about her S-shield. She just displayed the pride she felt wearing the S. 

Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-9 by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Yes I know I posted this twice bow but damnit its such a cool pic! 

What else did I think worked? 

I like the supporting cast we've been shown. Much like Arrow or Flash, Supergirl is going to give Kara people to help her. We've got her sister, which is something I really like. Kara having a human sister would help her learn more about humanity and give her someone she can be close too. She's going to have a Cisco/Fitz type character who helps Kara design her outfit and can provide some technical assistance. James Olsen, and too bad dude I'm calling you Jimmy! Can be a 'Joe' like character from Flash. Hope they avoid the obvious shipping here but I think Jimmy could be a great friend/support to Kara. He knows Superman and what he's been through. He can help Kara avoid some of the pitfalls and put an arm over her shoulder when she needs it. 

Calista Flockhart is the one place where I'm less impressed. HOWEVER, he whole Cat Grant, the Devil Wears Prada act could be just act. I mean they showed very little of her in the trailer so who knows what role she'll play in the series. Even if she is just Kara's dick of a boss, its not the end of the world there's one weak character surrounded by hopefully strong ones. 

Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-12 by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Can we say...BAD ASS  

I mean there's some little things that bother me from the trailer. The music (not anything scored just the generic stuff) was kind of lame. I think one or two items were done just a bit too 'teenage drama' but most of the stuff is taken out of context, so we'll just need to see. 

Overall, I think this is going to be...good, there I said it. 

Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl-CBS-Preview-11 by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Looks like a job.......

So there's my thoughts. I think this will actually be good, Melissa seems like she's going to be another great DCTVU hero, and maybe just favorite heroine will get some of the respect she deserves. 

Supergirl-fly by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen

You go SG,

Love Mad Man with a Pen :)



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I'm just a guy who enjoys science fiction, superheroines, sleepy stories, beautiful ladies, and combining all those into fun stories. You'll find a mix of classic heroines like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, Spider-Woman; scifi heroines like Amy Pond & Clara Oswin; DA characters; and some original characters of my own. Sure they tend to run into trouble, get knocked out, tied up, and placed in peril, but they always come out ahead in the end....usually LOL.

Anyway its all in good fun, thanks for stopping by!

Proflie Pic, Melissa SG, from 'Supergirl'


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