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So last night I got to see the latest MCU film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

The film centers around Peter Quill a Terran who is stumbles into a massive galactic hunt for a mysterious orb. Warlords, Space Pirates, and even darker forces across the Galaxy all want a piece of this thing. Quill aka Starlord's troubles are also raised by the fact he's got a woman cybernetically enhanced soldier/assassin on his tail, a smart mouth heavy firepower wielding Raccoon, a living tree who's buddy buddy with the Raccoon, and oh while in prison he has somebody name 'The Destroyer' now wanting to tag along as well. Unlikely as it sounds these people will actually become the first friends and people Quill has cared about in a long time. Now they've just got to survive.  

I think Guardians is an incredibly fun film. The plot as my good friend :icongundam20012005: said is not the most original one we've ever seen. However the cast does an excellent job with their various roles. The film looks absolutely brilliant with different alien environments, clashes between space ships, and two of the main characters being completely digital beings. The character interactions are the highest point of this film. Everything from bickering, serious moments of reflection, attempts at understanding human idioms which don't go over, and plenty of comedy which IMO worked brilliantly.

The main cast just did awesome (and no that's not a lead in joke to Chris Pratt). Pratt who I enjoy on the TV show Parks & Rec, was able to carry a film with more than just his voice. He has that Han Solo, Indiana Jones, fun rouge motif down. Starlord doesn't come off as unlikable during his criminal moments and we can all tell he's got the potential to be a good man, who maybe has sticky fingers. Zoe Saldana continued to earn thumbs up for me in these scifi roles she's been getting. She gives Gamora a good personality of a loner who wants more. She also has a sense of justice and honor. Bradley Cooper did a great job giving voice to Rocket. I have a soft spot for the furry machinegun yielding, bomb keeping in drawers, foul mouth Raccoon. The animators did great jobs with both him and Groot who despite his three words gives a range of emotions thanks to his animators.  Drax played by Dave Bastista does a good job being the right mix of crazy vengeance seeker and softer man realizing there might be life after his family.

The rest of the supporting cast is fine. Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead did a good job of taking Merle and making him a space pirate. John Riley was good for the few scenes he was in and I wish we would have seen more of him. Glenn Close did an okay job but she wasn't quite in enough of the film for me to get particularly attached to her. Out of all the other starts I was most excited to see my favorite companion Amy Pond, better known as Scottish beauty Karen Gillan on screen as the villainous Nebula. Even thought she was blue, bald, and featuring a robot arm....Karen was still hot LOL. Actually she had quite the evil girl embraced in the film. I really wish we had gotten to see more of her, but what we did get was pretty excellent. 

(And yes I'm doing a Nebula vs Supergirl tale at some point here!)

Overall Guardians continues the trend of Marvel being able to make a good, FUN film. While I haven't done a full review on Man of Steel, one thing for sure I'd note about it is that its not as fun as a Marvel film. The majority of the Marvel films have all been real fun which I do like to see in my superhero films (even the Dark Knight trilogy had its fun moments). 

So I'll probably do a full review of Guardians in the future but for now this Minireview fully endorses seeing this in theaters.

Score: 8.5/10


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I'm just a guy who enjoys science fiction, superheroines, sleepy stories, beautiful ladies, and combining all those into fun stories. You'll find a mix of classic heroines like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, Spider-Woman; scifi heroines like Amy Pond & Clara Oswin; DA characters; and some original characters of my own. Sure they tend to run into trouble, get knocked out, tied up, and placed in peril, but they always come out ahead in the end....usually LOL.

Anyway its all in good fun, thanks for stopping by!

Proflie Pic from Supergirl Issue 33, DC Comics


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