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SGflashcrossover by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Batman/Superman have now forfeited that title

So yesterday the moment a lot of us Supergirl fans had been waiting for came. CW's The Flash played by Grant Gustin crossed over onto Supergirl and The Girl of Steel meet The Fastest Man Alive...and boy did it rock :) 

My good friend :icongundam20012005: did a more serious breakdown of this episode so check out his review for that, mine is...

Well more fanboying and sorry but this is a biased opinionated review LOL

The centerpiece of the episode is of course the meet up of Kara Danvers and Barry Allen who have such good chemistry its not even funny. Seriously watching Melissa Benoist and Grant interact makes you want them to have their own spin off show. They're both fun, kind, caring, and you just want to see the S and Lightning Bolt teamed up for the rest of their respective series. We also get to see Barry in a roll usually Oliver would have back on Earth-1, being a mentor for someone else. The best scene of this is when he and Kara talk on the Cat-Co balcony. Kara admitting she's been trying to fix everything since her Red-K incident and Barry being supportive and just telling her the only thing she can do is keep being who she is. I really hope in the next few episodes of Flash Barry can also share some stuff about Kara with his friends, as I want to see what impression Kara left on Barry.

There was a lot to like in this episode, Cat stole all her scenes with everybody. Winn's excitement and instant bromance with Barry was great. One of my favorite little blink and you miss it moments is when Barry is explaining the whole Multiverse thing and Winn comes up to Kara and just grabs her arm, giving her a look that says, "OMG THIS IS SO COOL" which Kara returns. It's like I could see him doing the same thing when he and Kara went to go see the new Star Wars movie. Also Winn was great because he tried to help Siobhan out the whole time. Taking her to get help at the DEO and then trying to turn her from the dark side at Cat-Co, showed he cared about her and why Winn is Kara's friend, he's got a big heart too.

A few things needed a little work in the episode. There was a bit of a plot hole in how Livewire escaped, did Siobhan's scream travel magically to the DEO? Was she back inside it? James's jealous bits get a little too much at times, though he has no one to blame but himself. I also think that the final fight with Supergirl, Flash, Livewire and Silver Banshee could have been given the final winning moment to the heroes. While I do like the sentiment of the city rallying around Kara again, think the execution could have used a little work. Maybe instead of hearing the crowd's voices, maybe they just rallying around Kara when she's down? I think if you take out some of the cheesier lines the scene works better. Though I did like the fire fighter offering his hand to help Kara up. Maybe re-do that scene a bit where Supergirl saves the chopper, gets knocked down, our baddies are going to finish her off but that's when the crowd stands in front of her, the NPFD guy helps Kara up and then she and Flash take on the baddies to win.

Overall though this crossover was just great if your a fan of either show. The final scenes with Kara and Barry were just great, I loved how the hugged and wished each other well. Plus they did a little take on the 'race' with Kara helping Barry get home. If anything the crossover succeeded because when it was time to end, it ended as anything great should, leaving us wanting more. 

So I give Worlds Finest,



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I'm just a guy who enjoys science fiction, superheroines, sleepy stories, beautiful ladies, and combining all those into fun stories. You'll find a mix of classic heroines like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, Spider-Woman; scifi heroines like Amy Pond & Clara Oswin; DA characters; and some original characters of my own. Sure they tend to run into trouble, get knocked out, tied up, and placed in peril, but they always come out ahead in the end....usually LOL.

Anyway its all in good fun, thanks for stopping by!

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